Egypt international Mohamed Elneny highlighted the importance of fasting during Ramadan and its impact on footballers.

Elneny is one of many Muslim players in the Premier League fasting during the month of Ramadan, where they abstain from eating and drinking before sunset.

Match officials have also been instructed to pause play and enable players to break their fast by taking on liquids, energy gels or supplements.

Despite the challenges that come with it, Elneny believes the religious practice will only help footballers improve both mentally and spiritually.

“Ramadan is the best thing because, of course people think only about fasting for food and drink, but the idea is not actually this,” Elneny said via Arsenal’s official website.

“It’s about organising your day and getting good habits to behave in the right way with your family, friends, your job and yourself.

“We give food, money, we have to give because poor people struggle with this their whole lives. Now you appreciate everything you’re fasting for.”