Ahmed Refaat

Modern Future FC president Walid Debes has refuted rumours that Mohamed Salah played a part in helping Ahmed Refaat.

Refaat had suffered a heart attack when Future travelled to face Ittihad of Alexandria in the league’s 13th round last week.

The 30-year-old made his introduction shortly after the hour mark replacing Ali Mahmoud Zaza before collapsing on the pitch with two minutes remaining to full-time.

The game was later suspended as Refaat was rushed to the hospital and placed in an intensive care unit, where his condition is being closely monitored by the club.

Ahmed Refaat

Rumours later emerged that Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah offered to help transfer Refaat to a medical facility in London, which was denied by Future’s Walid Debes.

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“There are many false stories in the media regarding Salah such as his dispute with the national team,” Debes told ETC.

Ahmed Refaat

“The news of Salah’s request to transfer Refaat to London is simply fictional. Future FC is a big club and we do not need help from Salah because we have the financial ability to do that if we want.

“We have been doing everything we can for Refaat. Some medical devices were missing in the hospital such as a dialysis machine but we paid money to make them available.

“We will do everything he needs until he gets back again. I do not care whether he continues playing with us or not, his health is our priority,” he added.