Hussein Labib

Zamalek chairman Hussein Labib surprised everyone with the possibility of another registration ban in the near future.

Under Hussein Labib’s leadership, Zamalek recently succeeded in getting their transfer embargo lifted and signed ten new players during the winter transfer window.

Labib stated on Zamalek’s channel that a large number of people criticised the management for signing many players during the winter transfer window, particularly all in one position.

“We promised to resolve the registration issue, which we found to be one of the most difficult challenges we faced due to a demand for $2.5 million,” Labib said.

“However, we managed to overcome that thanks to the support of Zamalek fans, not just the board of directors.

Jaime Pacheco

The 69-year-old also explained that while working on the new signings, they considered the possibility of facing another registration ban within two or three months.

“The transfer ban could be renewed within two or three months because the cases of former striker Khalid Boutaib and former coach Jaime Pacheco are not over yet.

Zamalek defeated El-Dakhleya 1-0 in the 14th round of the Egyptian Premier League last Thursday, placing themselves in 11th position in the standings with 15 points.