Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney has slammed Mohamed Salah for his penalty shootout antics with the Egyptian national team.

Egypt came close to claiming their eighth Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) title back in 2022 before losing to Senegal in the final on penalties.

Mohamed Salah was placed fifth in the shootout but never got the chance to take his penalty with two of his teammates missing their spot-kicks before Sadio Mane scored his to secure the title.

Speaking on penalties, Wayne Rooney took a swipe at Salah and used the Liverpool winger as an example to criticise star players who don’t go first in a shootout.

“I don’t get players who go fifth [in a penalty shootout],” Rooney told The Overlap.

“Salah went fifth with Egypt. They’re doing it to try and get the glory of winning the game, I don’t get it, it might never get to you.

“For me, you’d have your best penalty taker go number one, second best number two, and so on. You might never get to number five, so it doesn’t make sense for me.

“If you start well, and they miss, you’ve got a better chance [of winning],” he added.