Former Liverpool fullback Glen Johnson has defended Mohamed Salah after his recent touchline spat with Jurgen Klopp.

Salah has been the subject of controversy throughout the week for a heated exchange with Klopp in Liverpool’s recent 2-2 draw at West Ham.

The 31-year-old was called from the bench to come on for a short cameo with 11 minutes remaining to the full-time whistle before the incident happened.

After the game, Salah refused to comment on the incident and also didn’t put the matter to bed, saying: “If I speak today there will be fire.”

Glen Johnson has now backed the Egyptian and even praised him for keeping his composure and handling the situation well.

“I appreciate his honesty because, the thing is, the only person that loses is him,” Johnson told Squawka Football.

“If he speaks his mind and tells you what’s really on his brain, then everyone’s going to criticise him for it and he can’t win.

“That’s why players shouldn’t do interviews when they’re fiery, or angry, or have just come off the pitch, or were sent off, because they’re going to speak from the heart, and some people aren’t designed to take that.

“I don’t mind it. At least he’s calculated and he knows that he’s going to say some stuff that’s going to upset people, so I’m sure he’s told the people that are upsetting him in person. I respect it. I’m sure he’s let his steam off elsewhere.

“Obviously other fans and the press would love him to do it, for them, but it isn’t about them. I’m sure whatever he’s got to say is for the benefit of the manager and the team.”