Liars & Thieves, Nsue opens fire on Equatoguinean FF after suspension

Equatorial Guinea skipper Emilio Nsue has broken his silence after he was suspended by the Equatoguinean FF for misconduct.

The Equatorial Guinea Football Federation announced the suspension of captain Emilio Nsue and midfielder Iban Salvador due to disciplinary issues.

Nsue won the 2023 AFCON’s Golden Boot with five goals in four appearances for Equatorial Guinea.

As a response to his suspension, Emilio Nsue took to his Instagram and made several serious allegations against the Equatoguinean FF, calling the officials corrupt illiterates and thieves.

“They have thrown me out without any explanation, they have invented an illegal internal regime. They have humiliated me worldwide. I will die for my country, I will give the boot to the people and let them enjoy it. The team is above everything and everyone,” he said to ‘África Futbolera’.

“The federation embezzled €1 million won thanks to 2022 AFCON in Cameroon, no one knows where the money is. They also have an unpaid debt to the Malabo Hotel where the national team goes to each rally and has asked the players to leave the premises.

“Before the match against Nigeria in 2024 AFCON, the players did not have kits ready. The equipment used in the national team is paid for by the players and not the federation.

“The president of the Federation of Equatorial Guinea does not want to get involved in the problems he says “he is not the minister of sports” but he is always present to take money from the federation.

“The day before the match against Guinea there were problems. The atmosphere was not good or even negative. After the defeat a member of the staff Dany Benzema then said ‘Let’s put on some music’.

“They have to restructure the FA because they want to put their people, who don’t work, get paid, and make money. It’s a vicious circle of corrupt, liars, and thieves. That’s what these people are.

“Instead of playing two matches to move up and have better options in the AFCON in Morocco, they lead us to play against the Aragón team… Aragón! Which is a region of Spain. That’s the intellectual level of these illiterates and thieves that we have to endure. But I can’t prove it. That’s my helplessness.

“In my 12 years, this is the worst, the greatest humiliation that my team, the people of Equatorial Guinea, and I have suffered.

“They have forged vaccination certificates for the AFCON. They take money from all sides, they owe us money and they are stealing it. Elias Nzo is the one I want the most, he has been a physiotherapist for years and he is a snitch. I’m going after you, you are the worst of Equatorial Guinea. It’s either you or us, we’re going all the way. Corrupt, cancerous, and shameless,” he pointed out.