Ahmed Refaat reaches 'very promising' stage after gaining partial consciousness

Zamzam Hospital has provided a positive update on Ahmed Refaat’s health condition revealing that the player has regained partial consciousness.

Refaat had suffered a heart attack when Future travelled to face Ittihad of Alexandria in the league’s 13th round last week.

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The 30-year-old made his introduction shortly after the hour mark replacing Ali Mahmoud Zaza before collapsing on the pitch with two minutes remaining to full-time.

The game was later suspended as Refaat was rushed to the hospital and placed in an intensive care unit, where his condition is being closely monitored by the club.

The hospital released a positive statement on the player which read: “With the grace of God, the ventilator has been disconnected from the player Ahmed Refaat.

“Refaat also regained partial consciousness; however, he will remain under close medical observation until all medical matters are stabilized.”

Moreover, ON Time Sports correspondent stationed at the hospital where Ahmed Refaat is undergoing treatment has also provided a new update on the player’s condition.

The correspondent stated: “Ahmed Refaat has not left the intensive care unit but has been moved from one bed to another.

“The stage the player has reached today is very promising and was expected to occur within the next five or six days.

“The medical team treating him expects Ahmed Refaat to regain consciousness within 48 hours from now fully.”